Hi there! I’m Dr. Andrea Pearson Rosenbaum.

I’m a Wife, Mother, Pediatrician, Entrepreneur and Ethical Fashion Designer. Welcome to my blog where I focus on issues important to new or expectant mamas, with healthy doses of fashion, wellness tips, and whatever other random musings pop into my head!

Now just one thing: while this blog may talk about medical stuff and contains lots of helpful information, it’s important to remember that every mama and baby is wonderfully unique. So, please don’t take my words as medical advice. Always be sure to discuss any important issues with your own medical team! For my full disclaimer please click here.


I’m Dr. Andrea Rosenbaum

I am a wife, mother, pediatrician, blogger, entrepreneur, fashion designer, general household problem solver, short order cook and ignorer of messes among a thousand other hats! Through my work as a pediatrician, I was always impressed and inspired by the mamas I met along the way, but nothing prepared me for actual motherhood. It has been both the hardest and most wonderful experience of my life. As I have navigated this amazing and challenging path, I have been lucky to have an amazing tribe of women and mothers who have helped to guide me on this journey. I founded this blog to create a space where mamas can come to learn, laugh, and commiserate on motherhood, being a woman, fashion and anything else that may arise. Please enjoy this wild ride!